Head Office
(Central Support)

We do things a bit differently round here.

There’s no talk of head office or HQ, we go by Central Support. Why? It’s a hub at the centre of all our restaurants, designed to help them be the best they can be. Made up of Finance, Product, Customer, Property, People and Technology teams. We have offices in Putney (London), Manchester, Dublin and Leicester.

We’re on a journey of Changing Lives Together, creating lasting happiness for our people, our customers and the communities we work in. All our Central Support teams play a part in helping us do this.

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Central Support Teams

All about the detail? Here’s how our Central Support teams work:


Our team of specialists work together to create a strong and stable financial environment and foundations for the business to flourish.


Made up of Supply Chain, Logistics, Commercial and Safety experts, they create products we’re proud of (and our customers will love) with a focus on protecting our planet.


Our Customer team defines the Nando’s brand and the promises we make, ensuring Nando’s experiences are meaningful and build long-lasting love.


Our team of Property experts create and sustain our restaurant spaces that both Customers and Nandocas (AKA employees) can enjoy.


“It’s the people that make the chicken”. This is the team who create an inclusive and inspiring place to work, whether you’re firing up the grill, running a busy restaurant shift or supporting the teams from Central Support.


Our team of Tech and Product specialists work across all teams in the business to effectively and collaboratively deliver high impact digital change, from restaurants to Central Support.

I started in Nando’s 8 years ago as a Supervisor

During that time, I started university and I managed to grow within the company while studying. The support from my Manager when I joined the Technology team whilst studying at the same time has been amazing. I’m very lucky as I’ve had the opportunity to learn, grow and meet wonderful people. We come to the office and we work hard, but there hasn’t been a day in which we didn’t have a laugh and a joke, and we really support each other

Serena, Product Manager